Data Center and Cloud Solutions

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Data Center and Cloud Solutions

Is your data center being tested by an explosion of traffic? Marvell understands how ever-increasing volumes of data, video streaming and high throughput for servers and storage solutions are testing bandwidth and data density speeds. From networking and storage to high-performance computing, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, Marvell has a vast product portfolio to help avoid bottleneck by moving the data on and off servers and network storage faster, at lower power, and with greater reliability.


High Performance Computing

A wide range of industries have given rise to High Performance Computing (HPC). Large enterprises are discovering what industrial and government organizations have been taking advantage of for a while — the value of higher computing engines applied to their workloads. One prime example is where HPC is allowing scientific and medical researchers to do more advanced modeling, simulation, and data analysis that helps in developing their findings more quickly. Marvell is an established leader in bringing Arm® based processors to the HPC market.

High Performance Computing
Reduced Complexity Solutions

Reduced Complexity

Your IT team needs the flexibility to move data across the network. The proliferation of cloud services and emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, is driving workloads in the data center. Marvell is reducing complexity by streamlining network development and simplifying the central management of hundreds of thousands of data center ports. Our SSD converter controller utilizes a simple, low-power and compute-less Ethernet fabric. This allows greater flexibility to meet evolving workload demands with optimized scalable units of disaggregated flash storage and storage class memory.

Lowering OPEX and CAPEX

Energy costs are often among the highest costs incurred by data centers. With bandwidth demands rising, power-efficient data center solutions are crucial. Marvell Ethernet PHY and switch solutions are designed with greater power-efficiency, enabling you to cost-effectively transition to the higher GbE rates while reducing capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX).

Lowering OPEX and CAPEX  Solutions
Networked Storage Solutions

Networked Storage

The more data you create, the more you have to store. Hyperscale data centers have moved storage from residing local on the server to distribution of it across the data center. This allows for more efficiency but incurs costs from the need for a front-end server to manage the storage in a new location. With NVMe over fabric technology, you get distributed data that looks local and can be accessed from multiple nodes on the network. Marvell NVMe controllers make it possible for data centers to share storage data to further maximize cost and performance efficiencies.

Increasing Bandwidth Needs

As data centers increase bandwidth speeds, how will your company keep up with the massive flow of data coming through the cloud? Marvell provides optimized and cost-effective Ethernet solutions, purpose-built adapters and controllers, a full suite of flexible storage solutions, and enhancements to target mission-critical applications and improve efficiency.

Increasing Bandwidth Needs


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