Marvell maintains a safe and healthy workplace through continual improvements in our operations, products and services

Environment, Health and Safety

Marvell is committed to protecting the environment and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace through continual improvements in our operations, products and services by:

  • Preventing or reducing environmental pollution through programs that reduce environmental impacts and conserve natural resources
  • Understanding and complying with applicable legal and other requirements
  • Establishing environmental management systems to meet changing business and regulatory needs
  • Regularly communicating our environmental performance to stakeholders
  • Protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities, including our employees and contractors, and identifying opportunities to reduce workplace hazards and risks
  • Requiring environmental, health and safety responsibility from our employees, suppliers, vendors, and sub-contractors

An example from our Santa Clara campus: Energy consumption is reduced with a power-saving computerized lighting control system that uses less electricity than conventional lighting; fluorescent-bulb technology that produces brighter light while consuming less power; advanced electronic lighting ballasts that are more energy efficient than standard ballasts; and networked HVAC systems to maximize energy savings. We use temperature sensors and timers and/or occupancy sensors to optimize energy performance. We monitor our water consumption, and reduce water use where possible, including recycling water to use in our landscaping. In addition, in 2013 we installed a solar system designed to generate 1 megawatt of electricity.

We promote employee awareness and encourage employees across the company to properly recycle and help protect the environment. Examples include:

  • To reduce our paper and ink usage, we provide double-sided printing and e-reading options wherever feasible.
  • Paper recycle bins available are available across the company and employees are encouraged to use them. We also recycle cardboard and packaging materials. 
  • We have an annual global Spring Cleaning event where employees clean their work areas, and dispose of waste, including e-waste, in a responsible manner, and in compliance with the law.  

We are focused on the careful disposal of the electronic products we produce and distribute, and those that we use in conducting of our business, including the compliant disposal of e-waste, fluorescent tubes, batteries, toner cartridges, and mobile phones. 

We support sustainable and healthy transportation options, including:

  • Opting for video conferencing for non-essential travel,
  • Supporting the annual Silicon Valley Bike to Work Day, and proudly hosting an “energizer station” where we provide refreshments and encouragement for all cyclists participating in the event. 
  • At our Santa Clara campus, we provide secure bike lockers and on-site shower facilities for bicycling employees.
  • Offering ride-share and carpool information to Bay Area employees, and subsidizing the use of public transportation.

We require our suppliers to follow our “Supplier Code of Conduct” which sets forth the environmental, health and safety standards required from a Marvell supplier.