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Ecosystem Partners

Marvell solution partners are ready to provide a complete solution to accelerate a design from start to finish with an optimized BOM that can include a full feature set of Marvell components such as Embedded Processors, PHYs, Switches, Power Management chips, storage, and Wi-Fi modules.

The Marvell ARMADA SoC family is complemented by a global network of trusted software and hardware partners providing products, and open source and community solutions to enable the development of sophisticated high-volume home and enterprise applications.

See What Our Partners Are Saying

Altran (formerly Aricent) Smart Community provides a complete solution with features including Home automation, Smart Energy, Smart parking, Street lighting and event notifications. Aricent’s IoT Gateway software running on Marvell’s ARMADA 385 SoC platform is one of the core elements in the Smart Community solution. It connects end devices/sensors with multiple low power wireless technology to Cloud infrastructure. IoT standard protocols like OneM2M, LWM2M, COAP, MQTT, and DTLS are some of the protocols supported by Aricent’s IoT Gateway. The Smart Community solution supports multiple commercially available cloud infrastructures. Collaboration strengthens our commitment to bring the right solution to emerging Smart city requirements and it accelerates customer time to market for realizing next generation solutions for Smart communities and Smart cities.
As a major contributor to the support of ARM in the Linux kernel and long-time software partner of Marvell, Bootlin welcomes the extension of Marvell’s ecosystem and desire to push forward its software support in upstream open-source projects. This move will ease the adoption of Marvell SoC platforms by a larger number of customers, provide increased software quality and foster the creation of a bigger ecosystem of engineers working with Marvell SoC platforms. Bootlin, enabler of Marvell SoC platforms in the official Linux kernel for several years, looks forward to supporting Marvell customers through our engineering, consulting and training services.
Based on more than five years of cooperation with Marvell, we welcome the opportunity to continue to support customers developing products with new Marvell processors. DENX is excited to work with Marvell on expanding the ecosystem for the ARMADA 38x SoC family. U-Boot is the de-facto industry standard boot loader for embedded systems, so having all the advantages of full mainline U-Boot support for the ARMADA 38x SoC family is an important step forward. It makes it much easier to support new products and even to upstream BSP code into mainline, which enables long-term maintenance at reduced costs. All the additional benefits of using the latest mainline versions (added features, faster boot-time, etc.) are included for free.
We are very excited to collaborate with Marvell in providing a software solution for their new family of ARM-based processors. Enea is a key contributor in the OpenDataPlane and OpenFastPath projects, and Marvell is a front runner with hardware supporting these new technologies. We want to enable application developers and end users with the most efficient, high performance IP data path possible, and the new ARMADA SoC family will be an excellent hardware platform to use for these applications.
Globalscale Technologies Inc. is proud to continue working with Marvell as a development and manufacturing partner for the ARMADA 38x SoC platform. With the introduction of the ARMADA 385-based Primabox, Globalscale provides a cost effective, certified and scalable platform to build the next generation of wireless, networking and storage devices. Globalscale will build on its long collaboration with Marvell embedded products by continuing to support this SoC platform and customers with its expertise in development and world class manufacturing.
As a partner of Marvell, Lauterbach is excited to be participating in Marvell's ARMADA 38x SoC global ecosystem. With our many years of support for ARM architectures, TRACE32® has been supporting the ARMADA 38x SoC family and its extended cores with a full range of debug and trace functionality, which provides developers an intuitive and integrated development experience.
Media5 Corporation is honored to collaborate with Marvell by making the M5T SIP Client Engine SDK available for the ARMADA 38x SoC family. M5T SDKs deliver Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) for real time communications as Voice, Video, Instant Messaging, Presence, and collaboration tools for Unified Communication applications and connected devices. Currently deployed in millions of devices in partnership with the major vendors in the industry, the M5T SIP solutions have proven their interoperability in SIP and IMS-based environments such as VoLTE, RCS, and PacketCable. The ecosystem of partners that Marvell has gathered around the ARMADA 38x SoC family will simplify the development of new devices and will significantly shorten the time to market. We are really proud of being part of it.
O.S. Systems is excited to be participating with Marvell in delivering the next generation of innovative devices based on the Marvell® ARMADA 38x SoC platform. Being involved with embedded Linux development for a long time, O.S. Systems has developed the O.S. Systems Embedded Linux, a Yocto Project-based platform which provides Marvell's ARMADA 38x SoC platform the base operating system and tools to reduce time to market, allowing clients to focus on product development.
Sartura provides services ranging from OpenWrt integration with both mainline and vendor provided Linux kernel to ISP provisioning solutions implementation such as TR-069 and NETCONF/YANG. Our collaboration with Marvell resulted in an OpenWrt integration project which is publicly available on GitHub. Sartura is proud to collaborate with Marvell for OpenWrt integration and support, and we are excited to be a part of the ARMADA 38x SoC family’s expanding global ecosystem. Collaboration with Marvell follows our mission of delivering high quality solutions to the market.
Semihalf as a platform software developer has been collaborating with Marvell in order to enable customers with system software (bootloaders and operating systems) to support numerous Marvell system-on-chip devices. Our expertise is full software stack optimization for high-performance integrated processors using multicore ARM technologies. As part of the Marvell® ARMADA 38x SoC community software ecosystem, Semihalf is happy to extend support for software platforms of choice for this SoC family with the FreeBSD operating system.
We are happy to collaborate with Marvell, a leading chip vendor delivering critical building blocks to its customers in a wide variety of markets including the communications and embedded markets. Our solutions complement Marvell SoCs by making them more accessible and easy to use for a large variety of customers and segments.
We are excited to have our StreamSDK running on Marvell’s ARMADA 38x SoC family. The combination of our leading stack StreamSDK—which includes Google Cast, submicron multi-room synchronization and rich set up streaming audio functions—and ARMADA 38x SoC family enables customers to create solutions such as value-added repeaters and access points.
The ARMADA 38x family of SoCs is a powerful and flexible solution in which many of our customers are interested. We are pleased to deliver our LinuxLink offering enabling both Yocto Project and Factory build customization to developers using the ARMADA 38x SoC in their product designs, and we are looking forward to helping them build their differentiated applications with it.
Trend Micro is excited to work with Marvell, the leading company in multi-core ARM SoC technology, to bring the smooth and pleasant internet user experience to the gigabit speed home networking environment. Backed by the expertise of Trend Micro’s industry-leading Web Reputation Service (WRS) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine, Trend Micro offers a high performance Smart Home Network software suite (SHN) that comprises complete network applications / devices visibility, comprehensive intrusions / malware detection and internet usage management. This solution is highly integrated and optimized for Marvell’s SoCs, and we believe our mutual customers will benefit from this collaboration.
We are working with Marvell’s ARMADA 385 SoC and enabling customers in the areas of Wi-Fi Access Point (WAP), Surveillance Video Recorders. As a solution provider, we are designing and validating next generation products with our board design and embedded software capabilities. Marvell’s highly integrated ARMADA 385 solution allows us to enable many design wins and build fully functional consumer electronics products in very short time.
Wind River is pleased to be working with Marvell to support its latest ARMADA SoC family of embedded processors with Wind River Linux,” said. “We look forward to helping embedded system manufacturers harness the value of Marvell’s products. And with the Yocto Project open source development infrastructure at its core, Wind River Linux ensures customers work with the most recent standards and latest code from the open source community.