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    Marvell's award-winning, wireless solutions leverage over 10 years of chip design expertise. A pioneer in developing game-changing innovations for the wireless industry, our chips and embedded technology enable the ultimate in performance and battery life for many of the most popular mobile products in the market today. From the connected home to the car, Marvell wireless processors deliver design flexibility and reliability for a multitude of solutions.

    Marvell products are featured components in the following wireless markets:

    Markets Products
    Digital Imaging (Cameras)

    Multifunction radios featuring Wi-Fi Direct for instant upload and display; and Bluetooth for microphone/speaker, and remote control.

    Gaming (Game Consoles, Portable Gaming Devices)

    Wireless solutions that enable seamless networked gameplay and long battery life for portable gaming devices.

    Smart Energy (Appliances, Thermostats, Lighting Control)

    Low-power, IP-ready and Wi-Fi compliant solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing networks and meet the stringent energy-saving standards for the smart grid.

    Home Entertainment (Smart TVs, Blu-ray Players, Set-Top Boxes)

    Best-in-class Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology enable seamless connectivity and interactivity with today’s cloud-based applications and online services throughout the home.

    Personal Computing (Tablets, Notebooks)

    Multifunction radio SoCs that deliver the ideal combination of powerful processing, seamless wireless connectivity, and extended battery life to compact, sleek designs.

    Automotive Products

    Marvell's Mobile Hotspot extends the always-on lifestyle from the home to the car with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


    Marvell Wireless Technologies

    Multifunction Radio

    Marvell’s single-chip multi-function radios implement two or more radios on a single die, allowing manufacturers to find technical rhythm amongst various combinations—Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM—resulting in higher performance and improved functionality in a smaller footprint.


    Leading the marketplace in power efficiency and technical architecture, Marvell Wi-Fi products consume less power than the competition; effectively doubling battery life associated with Wi-Fi. One hundred percent of Marvell's 802.11 Wi-Fi implementations run on a low-power ARM SoC, relieving the primary system application processor of the burden associated with running the 802.11 MAC.


    Marvell Bluetooth audio solutions for voice and streaming music are crystal clear when used alone or concurrently with Wi-Fi and FM. Today our products support the latest Bluetooth Low Energy specification enabling the next generation of Bluetooth connected products.

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