Multimedia Solutions

Immerse, create, and connect: From media processors to wireless technologies, we power the next-generation "smart" entertainment experience.

Multimedia Solutions

At the heart of the connected lifestyle is digital entertainment: any content, anytime, on any screen. The types of content and experiences we demand—social networking, 4K movies, live TV—are becoming more varied. And the devices that deliver the content, such as Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and set-top boxes, need to work together to deliver the functionality and services that define this new era of digital entertainment.

Marvell’s integrated hardware/software solutions are at the core of this digital entertainment revolution, delivering exceptional performance with minimal energy requirements. Consumers expect unfettered access to the services they love—Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Picasa—in a lightning-fast, crystal-clear, and user-friendly package. Marvell’s comprehensive suite of processors and connectivity solutions enable “always-on” connectivity and the highest quality 4K and HD video, cloud-based media services, and streaming capabilities that consumers demand.

ARMADA Multimedia Solutions Platform

Marvell’s ARMADA-based multimedia solutions platform offers an exceptional television and multimedia experience for the next-generation of Smart TVs, set-top boxes, OTT devices, and beyond. From 4K/HD streaming video to immersive sound, the ARMADA multimedia solutions platform is designed to transform the TV into the command center of the connected lifestyle by powering the convergence of TV, gaming, streaming video, and web applications in a single device.

Armada 1500

ARMADA 1500 Multimedia SoCs

The single-chip architecture of the ARMADA 1500 multimedia SoCs provides the necessary processing power to drive the convergence of the fully connected digital entertainment system. Designed to deploy new Ultra HD and Smart TV services, used to display and OTT content, and intended to provide instantaneous and seamless access to cloud based content on devices, the connected entertainment system is here.

Integrated Technologies

Marvell’s comprehensive portfolio of products integrates seamlessly to power the connected home.


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Our best-in-class Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products enable seamless connectivity and interactivity with today’s cloud-based applications and online services throughout the home.

In-Home Networking

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Our in-home networking solutions optimize networking over existing power, coaxial cable, phone lines, and other wiring, turning home electrical grids into high-speed Internet and connected-device networks.



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Cost-effective, high-performance broadband solutions that enhance the user experience for video, interactivity, and cloud-centric applications.


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Our industry leading low-power, high-performance, small form factor solutions enable powerful, convenient networking.


Connected Home Products

Learn more about Marvell’s product that support connected home solutions:


At the core of Marvell's digital entertainment processors, Qdeo uses a suite of "quiet video" technologies to produce video at up to full high-definition 1080p resolution with superb clarity and accuracy. Learn More

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