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Connecting the Connected Car

Movies have long featured what consumers think of as the car of the future. It comes to you when summoned, alerts to divert an accident, self parks, and weighs in on directions and destinations. If any of these features sound familiar to you it’s because the car of the future is closer than you think.

Many new cars are outfitted with an infotainment unit, dash systems with audio, smartphone apps, navigation, roadside assistance and more. These functions often tap into the Internet or wireless LAN allowing the car to share Internet access with the devices connected to it.

The Marvell Powered Connected Car

Marvell connects the connected car with high quality AECQ100 qualified products and solutions that include Marvell’s first to market combo Wi-Fi /Bluetooth solution pioneering the Marvell Mobile Hotspot as an automotive use case, built-in Audio Codec, storage, bridges, and Ethernet domains providing automotive infotainment, wired/ wireless connectivity and co-application processor platforms that function in the following applications:

ADAS OR Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • 1000BASE-T1 Gigabit Ethernet delivers uncompressed HD video for image analysis and safety applications
  • Low Latency AVB end-node SOC (eSOC) solutions simplify network development
  • Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology to support time critical control applications
  • V2X Wi-Fi/802.11p communication improves safety and reduces response times using real time alerts about traffic and road conditions
  • Quick connection to the cloud over Wi-Fi to enable big data applications in automotive

Networking & In-Vehicle Infotainment

  • High-speed single pair Ethernet per the 100BASE-T1 and 100BASE-T1 IEEE standards
  • Audio Video Bridging (AVB) switching network solutions for faultless video delivery
  • High speed storage controller to use the fastest SSD solid state drives for HD video


  • Cutting-edge combo 802.11ac and BT 4.2 solutions incorporating antenna architectures optimized for automotive; allowing for advanced use cases like wireless Apple CarPlay, Google Auto Projection or MirrorLink for seamless integration into the automotive Head Unit
  • Easy pairing support of Wi-Fi and BT devices using NFC to enable a tap and go experience
  • Multi-modal enhanced location using next generation Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to enable differentiating applications for the connected car

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Automotive Products

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Marvell Wi-Fi combo products, now in their third generation, deliver the most advanced combo solutions for demanding automotive applications incorporating 802.11ac Wi-Fi, BT 4.2 & NFC

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Marvell’s Automotive Ethernet supports the industry’s highest in-vehicle connectivity bandwidth and is designed to meet the rigorous EMI requirements of an automotive system. 

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Marvell Bluetooth audio creates crystal clear voice and streaming music whether used alone or concurrently with Wi-Fi.

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