Marvell's G.hn transciever chipset delivers optimal networking solutions over a broad range of markets and applications.


G.hn Technology Overview

G.hn is the globally recognized Gigabit technology based on ITU-T standards and is pioneering important changes for the broadband connectivity, industry deployments and users experience. G.hn provides home networking with excellent quality of service over any type of wire, creating a high performance backbone throughout the home that enables seamless, high definition IPTV and multi-media distribution, without the cost and disruption of having to install any new wiring. Marvell G.hn chipsets delivers optimized home connectivity when embedded in broadband gateways and routers, HD Smart TVs and OTT Set Top Boxes, and any consumer electronic products that require Plug & Play networking capabilities at up to Gigabit speeds. G.hn offers the flexibility of providing high bandwidth for in-home networking using both a wired medium and wireless extender setting.

G.hn Chipsets

Marvell’s G.hn chipsets are ITU-T G.hn standard compliant, combining powerline, coax, phone line/twisted pair and optical fiber in a single technology, turning the home electrical, coaxial and anywire smart grids into high-speed Internet and connected-device networks.

Marvell’s new 2Gbps 88LX5153 baseband processor and the companion 88LX2730 analog front end chipset implement the latest version of the ITU-T G.hn standard, supporting the new 200MHz channel bandwidth and is specially optimized to provide a robust backhaul for 802.11ac Wave-2 Wi-Fi Access Points and Extenders, giving service providers and equipment vendors the opportunities to offer strong quality of service guarantees to consumers.

Marvell’s 1Gbps 88LX3142 digital baseband processor and Marvell 88LX2718 baseband analog front-end chipset is ITU-T G.hn standard based and certified at HomeGrid Forum’s accredited test houses.

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G.hn provides the flexibility and robustness to address many different scenarios and applications:

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Home Grid Forum

Marvell is a board member of the HomeGrid Forum, a collaborative effort by silicon vendors, system manufacturers, and service providers supporting the deployment of ITU-T G.hn standardization. Marvell’s G.hn products are certified under the HomeGrid Forum and Marvell is an official semiconductor IOP integrator.

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G.hn and the Home Grid Forum

Learn how G.hn technology works in this video from the Home Grid Forum, an industry alliance of leading companies including Marvell.

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