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Tech Talk: Ethernet, The Economics of Rightsizing Communications in the Enterprise

George Hervey, principal architect at Marvell, talks about the power efficiency of networking in the enterprise and how much money can be saved by rightsizing Ethernet equipment... More

Wi-Fi, LTE Spar over Location

Someday indoor location could be as widely used as GPS maps. Taking steps toward that day, six vendors certified at least eight chips for a new Wi-Fi Location service while another company announced new software for similar services over 4G cellular... More

Putting ARM-Based Microservers Through The Paces
When ARM officials and partners several years ago began talking about pushing the low-power chip architecture from our phones and tablets and into the datacenter, the initial target was the emerging field of microservers... More

Data Storage Issues Grow For Cars

Adding safety features into cars and making them increasingly autonomous are rapidly creating a big data problem. …Hubert Bailey, director of storage solutions applications engineering at Marvell, pointed to other areas where storage has been used within cars, such... More

Why Wait To Double Your Network Bandwidth?

10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) has been the economical workhorse high-performance interconnect for data center server networks for years. 40GbE and 100GbE of course are just derivatives of 10GbE, with 4 x 10GbE channels or 10 x 10GbE channels... More

Aricent Announces Availability Of Its Industry-Leading Intelligent Switching Solution To Support The Latest Marvell® Prestera® DX Packet Processors [PRESS RELEASE]

The latest release of the Aricent Intelligent Switching Solution (ISS) is now available on the Marvell Prestera 98DX323x, 98DX333x, 98DX325x and 98DX83xx chipsets to power next-generation service delivery networks... More

Design News Announces 2017 Golden Mousetrap Awards Finalists, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner WiFi Pioneer Cees Links

Design News today announced the 2017 Golden Mousetrap Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Cees Links, along with top honors for the Gadget Freak of the Year, Rising Engineering Star, and additional category finalists…Marvell Alaska® 88E1510P/1512P/1510Q GbE... More

Marvell Show the 88SS1079 Controller: An Updated 88SS1074

At CES, Marvell announced an updated version of its popular 88SS1074 SATA SSD controller in the 88SS1079. There's no significant change to performance or features as far as we are told, but it moves a few components that were required on the PCB side onto the... More

HomeGrid Cites CES As Springboard For Product Surge

A host of (gigabit home network) products were on show at CES last week, with Marvell’s new chip taking center stage. The number of certified gigabit-capable systems approved by the HomeGrid Forum, the alliance supporting the ITU wired digital home... More

CES 2017: Plextor Unveils M8Pe NVMe SSD, EX1 External SSD, 2017 SSD Roadmap, Wireless CD/DVD Drive

The Plextor M8Se series of SSDs looks to bring the best cost to performance ratio to the high-end consumer market. Powered by Toshiba 15nm TLC along with the Marvell 88SS1093, the M8Se supports the PCIe Gen 3 x4 interface and the latest NVMe standard, allowing the top... More

Linksys WRT3200ACM Smart Wi-Fi Router Review

Linksys has a unique take on AC3200 class solutions with the WRT3200ACM smart wireless router. … a Marvell 88F6820 dual-core SoC. … As for radios, we have two Marvell 88W8964 each having its own cache of DRAM at 128MB, the radios are pushed by Skyworks... More

CES 2017 Demos First Product To Implement Full ITU-T Spec With MIMO Support

Many product breakthroughs, some of which have been certified in the last 12 months as part of a greatly successful year for the technology, are on showcase today at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. … Marvell’s latest 88LX5152 chip will be exhibited at the... More

Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router Announced With Killer Prioritization Engine From Rivet Networks

Rivet Networks, the company behind the Killer brand, has been on a roll lately with the launch of a new Ethernet controller (E2500) back in September 2016. ...This CES, they have partnered with Linksys for the launch of the first router with the 'Killer Prioritization... More

Plextor Aims M8Se Drives At Mainstream NVMe SSD Market

At Computex last year, Plextor announced the M8Pe NVMe SSD. That drive is a high-end model with a Marvell 88SS1093 controller and planar MLC flash memory. Seeing as not everyone's budgets can stretch to lofty heights, Plextor has announced the mainstream successor to... More

Plextor M8Se NVMe TLC SSD Coming In June

Plextor jumped the gun at CES 2017 and pre-announced a product we won't see until the second half of the year. ...You can read our review from the M8Pe to see how even a thin heatsink improves performance on the Marvell Eldora controller... More

An Upgrade To Wi-Fi Provides Precise Time Synchronization

A new Wi-Fi feature could enable devices like wireless speakers, automotive cameras, and wearable sensors for hospital patients to better coordinate their timing. ...Others have worked on a technology that shares audio by linking devices together in a loop and skipping... More

Longsys Displays Ultra Small SDP (SATA Disk in Package) SSD

Of particular interest at CES 2017 this week was our meeting with Longsys who was showing off a new design of theirs called the SATA Disk in Package (SDP).  The SDP is a very small SSD that contains the SATA connector, a Marvell 88NV1120 DRAM-less  controller, as... More

The Week In Review: IoT

Qualcomm ships 1B+ IoT chips; CES is big scene for IoT; ZigBee Alliance speaks a new language. ...Marvell Technology Group is demonstrating its connectivity, data storage, and networking chips at CES 2017, which runs through Sunday, January 8. The company is addressing... More

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TimeSync™ brings precise synchronization to Wi-Fi®

With a variety of high-fidelity, home cinema, and wireless entertainment devices expected to debut at #CES2017, Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TimeSync™ to deliver precise time synchronization between multiple Wi-Fi® devices... More

CES 2017: Western Digital Launches WD Black NVMe PCIe SSD

Following up on their Blue and Green SSDs launched back in October, Western Digital has now launched a Black series SSD. … These were rumored to have a Marvell controller, but the samples I saw floating around CES appeared to have SanDisk branding... More

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