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Avanta Chip

Today’s bandwidth-intensive online lifestyle—from cloud-centric networks to streaming video—requires high-performance with uncompromised quality. Legacy broadband is based on copper infrastructures such as DSL, an aging technology with high maintenance costs that is running out of bandwidth. Optical access is now taking stage to better address the demands of these networks. Marvell’s optical broadband AVANTA™ family features highly integrated solutions that leverage key Marvell technologies—PON, Ethernet and packet processing, voice processing, power management, and application processors. AVANTA SoCs also include special power management modes that reduce power based on usage, and coupled with latest Alaska Gigabit PHYs support the EEE standard.

AVANTA, with its high-gigahertz CPU and numerous integrated hardware interfaces, helps us create and deliver compelling services on an accelerated timeline.Zhu Yongxing, vice general manager of ZTE Fixed Network Product Lines

AVANTA comes in several configurations:

  • The 88F6601: This Universal PON low power media converter addresses the Ethernet passive optical network (EPON), Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Ethernet Point -2-Point broadband connectivity with a single highly integrated System-on-Chip. A one-of-its kind device, the Marvell Avanta LP 88F6601 introduces a radical reduction in power consumption, providing a Fiber-To-The-Home optimized solution for the next generation of optical and outdoor ONT deployments. [[RK]] The 88F6601 offered with a small 12x12mm package which enables innovative implementation of PON to Ethernet media conversion within a traditional SFP form factor.
  • The 88F6510: For PON Single Family Unit (SFU) products the 88F6510 features a triple EPON/GPON/point-to-point active Ethernet mode, which makes them universal for any broadband optical network, and which allows developers and service providers to leverage economies of scale.
  • The single-chip 88F6530: For Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) products, the 88F6530 is the optimal solution to meet the latest requirements in video/audio-centric interactive environments in modern, high-speed internet networks. This industry-first single-chip solution integrates 32 VoIP channels, a powerful CPU processor, and unified PON technology, and offers seamless DNS and Ethernet connectivity with a high level of integration, low power, and high performance.
  • The 88F6550 and 88F6560: Targeted for HGU (Home Gateway Unit) products, the 88F6550 and 88F6560 provide operators with a cost-effective way to deploy optical broadband that enhances the user experience for video, interactivity, and cloud-centric applications. The Marvell 1.6GHz CPU core enables operators to provide current and future revenue-generating applications and services, while leveraging Marvell’s software eco-system around ARM, ARMADA, and the plug computer.
  • The AVANTA LP family: Designed to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) with a high performance, low-power, robust and cost-competitive solution that enables a wide range of two-layer PCB design optimized for voice, video and data applications, with significant Bill of Material (BOM) cost savings, the AVANTA LP solution also comes fitted with additional on-board optional interfaces, such as voice, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, storage and G.hn over twisted pair, powerline or coaxial for in-house communication, as well as LTE data connectivity.

The AVANTA series of products leverage a number of Marvell products, including high-performance ARMADA application processors, 4-port Ethernet PHYs, AVB-enabled switches, and AVASTAR Wi-Fi interfaces for value and performance. In addition, AVANTA takes advantage of Marvell’s vast software ecosystem built around the ARMADA series of application processors and PlugComputer.org.


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