Designed for IoT

Marvell's application processors balance high computing and multimedia performance with ultra-low power consumption

Application Processors

Marvell’s suite of application processors are designed for low-power and cost sensitive IoT applications, and are highly optimized for home automation, industrial, and wearable applications. Marvell's industry-leading connectivity portfolio anticipates the needs of customers bringing the next wave of IoT products to market.

As manufacturers develop more feature-rich and increasingly compact connected devices and wearables, demand is rising for power-efficient application processors. Marvell's highly integrated IAP processors and software stack provide OEMs with a comprehensive solution for IoT systems, allowing them to quickly develop innovative products while minimizing the number of components.


Marvell IAP140 Chip

The Marvell IAP140 is a quad-core 64bit application processor System on Chip (SoC) that provides high performance and low power computing for media-centric Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded devices. The IAP140 platform features the latest wireless connectivity. The solution incorporates the performance of a quadcore ARM® Cortex A53, running at 1.2GHz to provide a low cost Linux and Android® IoT platform.

Key Benefits

  • Quadcore ARM® Cortex A53, up to 1.2 clock speed
  • Supports up to 720p display and 1080p video decode
  • Supports up to 8MP camera sensor
  • Advanced power management and audio codec for power efficiency and audio performance